ERA PerMed

The recently launched European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) (supported by the European Union under Horizon Europe, Grant Agreement N° 101137129), is a platform for joint programming of national and European regional research and innovation supporting activities putting into action The Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Personalised Medicine (2023), SRIA for PM (2023), through dedicated research, development and innovation funding.

With a total budget of around €375 million, provided by the EU and more than 50 international partners, EP PerMed will  support the transnational development of personalised medicine approaches and their successful translation into clinical practice. 

After the finalisation of ERA PerMed, EP PerMed will provide the sustainability for funding transnational research projects in the field of personalised medicine. 

EP Permed funding organisations have agreed to launch the joint transnational call 2024 (JTC2024), co-funded by the EU, to fund multinational innovative research projects in personalised medicine (PM), which will be coordinated centrally by the Joint Call Secretariat (JCS), hosted by the French National Research Agency, (ANR), France.

The call is expected to be launched beginning of January 2024 and the available budget for this call is 40 Mio. € (approx.).

More information about the EP PerMed JTC2024 can be found in the EP PerMed website.